Subform Control

Create powerful parent child relationships using tekdog's subform control

Please refer to the following quick start guide for configuration of the TekDog Subform Control.     The Subform Control creates parent-child relationships between SharePoint lists using magic and a little code.  The Subform Control requires that you have two data sources: a parent and a child.  As an example, if we were working with Expense Reports we may have two lists, one for Expense Reports (Parent) and another for Expenses (Child).  You cannot have expenses without an expense report.  This relationship between a parent and a child can be accomplished with our Subform Control.       

Step 1: Create your Lists

   You should have 2 lists, a parent list and a child list.  Example: Expense Report(Parent) and Expenses (Child).        

Step 2: Create a new Nintex Form

Navigate to your "Parent" list and create a new Nintex Form.    

Step 3:  Select TekDog Subform

From the Form Controls selection on the left of your designer, select TekDog Controls, TekDog Subform. 


Step 4:  Drag Subform Control onto your Form

Drag the TekDog Subform Control onto your form designer. 


Step 5: Name your Control

Open the Control settings and name your control.  Please give the control a unique name in accordance with Nintex Forms best practices.  


Step 7:  Type in Child List name

Type in the name of your child list.  You cannot dynamically select this, you will NEED to type it in.  


Step 8:  Set the View

Select the view.  You may use the default "All Items" view or type another view name in, as appropriate.  The view is being read from the CHILD record set.  


Step 9:  Save and Publish

Save and Publish your form. 


Step 10: Continue making REAL solutions in Nintex. 

You are now done.  See the full settings below: