Where in the World is Jason Keller?

Some of you might be wondering what ever happened to Jason Keller?  I get it, you are used to seeing me at conferences, and speaking all around the country.  After all, I did exactly that for 4 years.  But things have changed, and now I’m excited to tell you exactly what I have been up to.

One of the biggest reasons I have been MIA: I met the love of my life and got married.  I have also prioritized the time I spend with my wife and kids over work …eeek!  I’ve never been happier, and honestly, I want to see my family as much as possible, even if that means I cannot see all my friends in the SharePoint/Nintex space.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about all of you!  Another reason is that we decided to make some tactical investments in our company which has required that I spend more time around the office being a leader and mentor to my work family. 

About a year and a half ago, we decided to diversify our business and become something much more than a training company.  We made investments in two core products outside of our SharePoint/Nintex training.  First, we decided to invest a considerable amount of time and resources into our Productivity Controls for Nintex Forms.  These controls allowed us to better serve our customers’ needs while trying to create Nintex/SharePoint solutions.  The resulting product was officially released in January, with product installs occurring this past week.  I’m very excited to be bringing these controls, as well as future Nintex Controls, to the market place. This greatly empowers the Nintex community to create much more rich and powerful solutions.  I firmly believe that Nintex Forms/Workflow provide the best BPM/Automation solutions in the SharePoint space and with our product the functionality is only enhanced! 

We also partnered with Nintex to offer our world class Nintex training to Nintex partners globally through the Nintex Learning center.  This seamless integration between Nintex’s Partner Portal and TekDog University allows Nintex partners to receive TekDog training on Nintex products at no cost to them.  This partnership has opened the door for Nintex Partners to learn the Nintex platform and provide best-in-class solutions and consulting services to their clients globally.  We are very proud of this relationship, and so happy to be an integral part of the Nintex Partner network. 

Last, we decided to also expand outside of the SharePoint/Nintex space to create our own product called CivicXpress.  This product provides municipality governments the ability to automate planning, permitting, inspection and code enforcement functions within any size municipality.  Our first launch customer went live in June of 2016 having now processed well over 3,000 permits and conducting over 6,000 inspections in less than a year! 

In October of 2016, we started on the second generation of CivicXpress (CX2) which will be hitting the market in June of this year.  This entirely new product was built from the ground up based on feedback from our launch customer as well as over 30 other municipalities.  The resulting product is simply amazing, and is a game changer in this space.  As we approach the launch of CX2 I find myself once again on the road speaking at conferences and meeting potential customers.  I am full of excitement for what the future holds for TekDog as we transition to not only the best technology training company in the world, but also an innovator in digital automation in the eGovernment space. 

For those of you who thought I dropped off the face of the planet, rest assured, I am flying under the radar ready to disrupt an entire industry with a product and team that cannot be stopped.