[Update] Nintex For Office 365 Training Course

What a crazy few months we have had here at TekDog! We are only a few days away from launching TekDog Academy, our learning center in Columbus, Ohio; yet, we find ourselves in the studio putting the final touches on our Nintex for Office 365 course. Although we launched the course officially in TekDog University over a month ago, we have been adding content to the course continually to cover new techniques and functionality being released by Nintex. Additionally, we have taken a lot of feedback from our current Nintex course offerings to construct a very detailed – yet fun – course. In the next week, we will be fully releasing two new chapters for our Nintex for Office 365 course. We are pretty excited, so let me tell you a little bit more about the new additions.


Nintex for Office 365: 401 Chapter

In our 401 chapter, I really wanted to add content based on forms-based business processes. These are processes where all the interactions are completed in the form with no “task-based” workflow actions. Essentially, we build a solution that is 100% form-data driven while being supported in the backend by Nintex workflow. I personally believe that solutions like this are the future of business process automation on the Office 365 platform. This chapter will dive deeper with Nintex Forms Rules while also introducing many powerful Nintex Workflow actions. This is my personal favorite section of this course, so I really hope you will enjoy it. We had to get fairly creative to accomplish this functionality in Office 365, so I hope you will leverage these techniques to make your own solution more user-friendly and powerful!


Nintex for Office 365: 501 Chapter

In our 501 chapter, we explore site workflows to complement the solution we built in our 401 chapter. This includes creating messaging solutions that leverage items like “for each loops” and “collections.” We then extend our solution to create a site workflow scheduler. Finally, we pull everything together using pages and views to make the solution user-centric and EASY.

All new content will be posted by or before Oct 2, 2015. Purchase before Oct 2 to receive 90 days for the price of 60! Over 10 hours of Nintex for Office 365 training now available only through TekDog University!