This Dog's Got a New Home

When Ja’net DuBois sang of George and Weezie Jefferson, “Well we’re moving on up, to the [north] side…we finally got a piece of the pie”, it turns out that she was killing two birds with one stone: narrating the sitcom couple’s then current situation while at the same time predicting the future of TekDog Inc.!

TekDog Inc. is moving on up. Because we have been expanding and growing a lot over the past few months, the old doghouse just wasn’t big enough anymore. Luckily, we found a new home that is equally as comfortable but with more space and multiple offices to accommodate our needs. We are thoroughly enjoying the new digs and can’t wait to start giving the tour to our customers and partners.

The new office is located just past Worthington on Schrock Road, across the street from the Anheuser-Busch factory. The address is 1103 Schrock Rd. Suite 108, Columbus, OH, 43229. Come pay us a visit!