TekDog Isn't Just About SharePoint Training

It’s been a while since I’ve touched base with my friends and clients. We used to do an “official email newsletter” here at TekDog, but with all the changes we’ve been going through in the past few months – well, it sort of got sidelined.

So, “Hi… How are you?” It’s Jason from TekDog.

You’ve connected with TekDog in some way over the past year, and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and observations about the great ride this has been so far.

Through my career, I saw the evolution of SharePoint within large enterprise environments. After observing the varied and numerous issues through several lifecycles, I felt there was an opportunity to start a business. I wanted to create a company that helped create solutions around Microsoft SharePoint.

I founded TekDog as a way to help people and business solve their SharePoint needs. It has been a scary, but wholly rewarding experience.

Maybe this is crazy, but I think my insights to the SharePoint market have been the result of my desire to be me.

Just me.

It gives me a different perspective… one of a person caught in the gap between having to “fit in” to the corporate world and one of riding my own wave. After all… we sell business solutions to business clients. We must have process and order – or at least be presentable in the conference room to talk business.

Of course, that’s the foundation for the classic literary conflict. Young guy, lands mid-career with a ton of experience resulting from being in the right technology during the right time period. Wants to help solve enterprise SharePoint and SharePoint training problems for everyone… but really dreams of kayaking in the bay.

So I created TekDog to be a company that is not just about being profitable, but to also serve as a reflection of how I want a small company to operate. Bring in great people who like to have fun and be a little eccentric in their own right. Work hard, play hard.

It’s not about being stiff and stodgy. There’s plenty of that kind of corporate culture out there. And that’s simply not want I want for my company or my clients. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if that’s what you’re looking for, then great!

But TekDog is about more than just “SharePoint training".

SharePoint has evolved into an amazing platform for business, and people are just starting to figure out the power of the platform itself. The potential for return on investment is simply incredible when an organization gives its great people the skills, and turns them loose to discover ways to create powerful solutions that save time and money.

  • Maybe your organization has tried to figure out how to push SharePoint deeper into your operation.
  • Maybe you envision awesome solutions, but can’t seem to bridge the gap between what you know is possible and the readiness of your culture to change the status quo.
  • Maybe you’ve tried to come up with ways to promote SharePoint inside of your organization, but haven’t been able to find that “magic mix” that takes it viral.

Hey, I’ve seen it all, and I understand the problems very well.

That’s why I am being authentic and transparent here. Because I realized I don’t need the corporate-ish marketing façade to promote TekDog or our solutions. We just need to continue to dig deeper into understanding the problems people face in developing and promoting SharePoint solutions.

By engaging with our friends and family, we can continue to discover and develop more solutions. Because it’s not just about hustling some cool training classes – it’s about helping people solve business problems and create a return.

So that brings me to the end of this installment.

I’m really looking forward to everyone’s thoughts and ideas as TekDog continues to push towards the next phase in our exciting future.