Setting Workflow Status | Nintex for Office 365


If you have worked with on-premise versions of Nintex Workflow, you may have noticed that SharePoint will add a column to any list or library that has a published workflow. That column provides quick access to the workflow history by providing a workflow current status hyperlinked to the workflow history. In SharePoint (online) there is no default workflow status, therefore, no direct link from the item to the workflow history. Sure, you can transverse the contextual menu system, but who has time for that??? To achieve this functionality in Office 365, you can use the “Set Workflow Status” workflow action. We recommend using this workflow action to update the current status of a workflow.

For example, setting the value to “Waiting on Manager” or “Sent to HR”. This little trick can save you time while also providing much more insight into the status of any active or completed workflows. Did we mention you can use this column in views… yeah, you can do that too! This little tip opens Pandora’s box to solution Nirvana. The bill is in the mail ;)

Configure your Status to be informative:

After the status has been set, you will see the updated value in your list item under a column with the same name as your workflow: