Responsive Nintex Forms - Finally for Office 365

Finally, I have something to get excited about. Nintex for Office 365 now offers a Responsive Forms option!  I wish this would have been released from the very beginning, but late is better than never!

This feature is only available for Nintex for Office 365, but is “Suppose to” hit on-premise versions for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 sometime soon…whatever that means…hopefully that means ASAP!!

Now when you launch Nintex Forms, you are provided an option to build your forms with the “Responsive Form” designer or the “Classic Form”.  Select the Responsive Form to start a much more enjoyable form design experience.  Actually, if you click “Classic Form” after today, we will officially not be friends…I’m totally serious BTW!

Once the Responsive Form designer is launched, you will be greeted by a beautiful, clean, form designer experience.  From my limited time in the product, the only thing I dislike is the Nintex logo on the form.  This is a constant point of frustration for me as I end up spending time constantly replacing the Nintex Logo.  Hello, nobody wants to use the Nintex logo on “their” forms.  Thank you, rant complete! (Hint, Nintex please update your image to use the default logo from the site, THANK YOU!)

 To see a brief overview of the new Nintex Responsive Form designer check out this video!