Nintex XML Query and infoPath Form (Video 3 of 3)

In this blog post I’ll demonstrate how to use the Nintex XML query workflow action to extract repeating table information from an InfoPath form. This is based loosely from an example from Vadim Tabakman’s blog where he demonstrates how to Query XML from and InfoPath form. I wanted to take this one step further by creating an entire series of examples starting at creating a simple InfoPath form through building the Nintex Workflow to put everything into business context. If you would like to read Vadim’s article please check it out… it’s pretty awesome!

My example went really well until my create item workflow action when Nintex started yelling at me when I tried to select the current item ID field..… Apparently my server needed a quick reboot because I was able to get it working without an issue afterwards. Hopefully this example will help those people looking for a quick how-to on XML queries using Nintex.