Nintex Responsive Forms for SharePoint 2013/2016

We are very excited to announce that Nintex has launched it responsive form designer for Nintex 2013/2016!  This amazing new designer allows for a much cleaner and practical way to design forms in SharePoint.  No longer do we need to worry about aligning pixels, we can now create beautiful responsive forms in minutes using Nintex!  This release also includes new “Set value” rules which we will be blogging about next week (stay tuned).  We’ve created a quick video to go over the new features below.

For our existing customers, our Productivity Controls for Nintex forms have been tested in the responsive designer and are working immediately!  For those of you who are not a current customer… you should totally (Like for realz) check out our form controls.  They are amazing, and enable you to create much more powerful applications in Nintex/SharePoint. Learn more about our Nintex Forms Controls.