Nintex Mobile | Nintex for Office 365

Nintex for Office 365 draws many key features from the original product line. This includes Nintex Mobile. Nintex Mobile provides the ability to publish a form in a format that can be consumed via Nintex’s mobile app. The Mobile app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms. Sorry to the 5 people still using BlackBerry, but no Nintex Mobile for you! By publishing your form to Nintex Mobile you have the ability to create a new form on a mobile device and to submit the form to your SharePoint list. Once an item has been submitted to a list this can start a Nintex workflow. Basically, this feature is amazing!

As an example, you could create a leave request form that all employees could access on their mobile devices using the Nintex Mobile app. They could complete a leave request form, that data will then magically appear in your Office 365 list initiating the leave request approval workflow. WOW!!

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