Interview Series: Ashley Breland

Continuing on in our quest to find out what makes TekDog’s SharePoint and Nintex public courses uniquely beneficial to site owners and end users alike, today Byte brings you an interview conducted with Ashley Breland, a SharePoint user who works for Bon Secours Health Systems. Ashley was a student in our 5-day Getting Started with Nintex class, and she found it to be a great introductory Nintex course. She explained,

“The class was very helpful for me. I hadn’t done a lot with Workflows previously, and the materials provided for each day’s class as well as its being broken down into 2-hour sessions was good for my learning needs. This made it easy to digest as opposed to long 8-hour training days.”

The level of knowledge was perfect for Ashley also. When you’re new to software, you don’t necessarily want courseware that is very high-level and overwhelming. Rather, you want something that is basic yet extensive. She described some of the differences between other materials that she found and TekDog’s training content when she said,

“I had done some online self-directed learning modules, but in the TekDog class the interaction with the instructor and being able to contact him for specific questions was very beneficial. I looked at some of the training modules from Nintex itself, but it focused more on small pieces rather than overviews. This was difficult for me, and I needed to know more information. Within the week in which Getting Started with Nintex was conducted, I had several ‘aha!’ moments.”

Ashley found the course to be instructive not only for her personally but for the company as a whole. When asked in what specific ways Getting Started with Nintex has benefitted Bon Secours, she described,

“We have been able to overlay a fairly complex Workflow onto a request process utilized by multiple hospitals located in five different states. This has helped to automate our processes and it will really cut down on the time that we spend on manual entry, which will be very nice.”

Of course, we had to go ahead and inquire about the presentation style. Ashley, like all of the other interviewees so far, enjoyed the speaking style used in the course. She said, “The style worked well for me. I’m a laid-back person myself, so I enjoyed that Jason was laid-back and humorous throughout the class.”

We would like to thank Ashley again for taking the time to speak with us, and we wish her and Bon Secours luck in their new Workflow implementation! If you had a very positive experience with TekDog’s training courses and would like to be featured in a blog post on our website, please contact us.