Interview: Christian Buckley and Reagan Templin discuss SharePoint, Social, Enterprise Content Management

Jason recently caught up with Christian Buckley, Microsoft MVP & SharePoint Evangelist for Axceler, and Reagan Templin, Tech Writer for Microsoft TechNet, at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Check out this great discussion about SharePoint enterprise content management, including:

  • Using SharePoint for efficient enterprise content management
  • Improvements in the social aspects of SharePoint
  • Changes of social features, such as MySites vs. SkyDrive Pro
  • Search-based content aggregation - tagging your content
  • The ability to follow people and track content in large organizations
  • SharePoint isn't about storing information, it's about finding it and retrieving it
  • How SharePoint increases an organization's ability to interact with information vs. the info getting dumped into non-functional silos

SharePoint is viewed largely as a place to store information, but the real power in the platform is the ability to efficiently track, manage, search and retrieve information and content across a very large organization. This is also known as Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, and it has a tremendous benefit to companies in many ways. For example, information no longer sits locked on some shared drive without any context or relevance.

Plus, using the social aspects of SharePoint, people within an organization can find and access other individuals outside of their departments or areas for their subject matter expertise. This is a powerful way to open up skills across an organization - and ultimately to drive additional return on investment if the skill set already exists, reducing the need to hire a new resource when it's not necessary.

Organizations are just starting to discover new ways to integrate the SharePoint social features and enterprise content management capabilities to drive new ways of working together efficiently. This is a great interview that just scratches the surface of the power of the enterprise content management within SharePoint. You certainly don't want to miss this one!

If you're trying to learn more about how SharePoint and enterprise content management can create efficiency and generate a return on investment for your organization, you may want to check out our SharePoint Training, in particular, our SharePoint A-Z class, which covers many of the features discussed in this interview.