Electronic Signatures Using Nintex Forms

One of the big asks that we have seen over the years is the ability to do an electronic signature in Nintex Forms.  Before we move on, you may want to know the difference between Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures.  We have the following links that can assist on this very boring topic…..zzzzzzzzzz

Electronic Signatures:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_signature

Digital Signatures:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_signature

A note about digital signatures.  Digital signatures are issued by an external authority in most cases.  Additionally, most of the Digital Signature options require a per user or per signature fee.  Our “Electronic Signature” control does not require any additional licensing fees beyond our annual Productivity Controls subscription fee.  You can collect an unlimited number of signatures by an unlimited number of people without fear of additional charges!

In most cases, a customer simply wants somebody to be able to sign a form using something like an iPad, phone or on screen.  Being the impatient people we are, we decided to just build this as part of our TekDog Productivity Controls for Nintex Forms.  The result, super easy to use “Electronic” signatures for Nintex Forms.

From the Nintex Forms Designer, the users can simply drag our Signature Control on the form.  The below image displays our electronic signature control in the Nintex Forms designer.

The control is VERY simple to configure as seen in the image below where the user simply has to name the control, connect it to a column and select a pen color.  Done and Done!

When implemented, the user can use their cursor to sign or if they are using a touch enabled device simply use their finger!

Your wait for electronic signatures is now over!  Our Electronic Signatures control is included in our annual TekDog Productivity Controls subscription.  Learn more about our Productivity controls by clicking on the link below.

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