Creating Tabs in Nintex Forms

We get asked often on how to have tabs within Nintex Forms. The short answer is you can't. There are no tab options in Nintex Forms. Thanks for checking out this blog, see ya next time! .....

Ok so that isn't the end of the blog. Even though there isn't any functionality built into Nintex Forms, doesn't mean you can't create the illusion of tab functionality. Here is a quick way to get you started...

First go into the list that you want the tabs to be on and then open up Nintex Forms. Here is how it looks when we created ours.

What you are looking at is a Choice field as the tabs with these options:

So now we have the tabs set up, we added panels underneath that. For 'Option 1' we added the gray panel. Then we set a rule to hide that panel unless the Option 1 tab was pressed. Here is the formula we used:

We did the same thing for Options 2 and 3. So even though Nintex Forms doesn't have tabs out of the box, you can still achieve the same effect with just a little bit of work!