Concatenate List Items in Nintex Forms

In this business case we have been asked to add multiple fields into one field.  In this example we ask for a first name, middle initial and a last name, each with their own single line text field. Then we use a calculated value to combine all three into one single line text field. Here is a screenshot of the completed form.

Here is how the list looks like in SharePoint.

We set up four list items like this:

  • FirstName - Single line of text
  • MiddleInitial - Single line of text
  • LastName - Single line of text
  • FullName - Single line of text

Then we opened up Nintex forms and created a basic form. We added a Calculated value next to the Concatenated Value label.

Then we use a calculation control to create a dynamic string and we then bind it to the FullName field on the list item. To recreate the formula, click the FX button and click the Named Controls button. Click on FirstName and then add + " " + (Make sure to add a space between the " so there is a space between the name controls.) Then do the same thing for MiddleInitial and LastName. It should look like the image below.