Adding a Title to a Hyperlink Using Nintex

Recently I was working on a project with a client and they wanted me to write a column for the current item to link back to the Workflow History.

Sounds simple enough, so I started by adding a column to my list with a data type of Hyperlink.


First step done, now I’ll make a sample workflow to allow for me to test the link. I created a simple approval workflow using Nintex Workflow 2013. Upon submission I e-mail the initiator then assign a task.

My Configuration for the Update item is displayed below. As you can see, I used the Workflow Context value of“Workflow Log URL.”


The Hyperlink data type has two fields, one for the web address, and another for description. The workflow, by default, adds the same value for both. Great! Looks like I’ll be building a string to make this look pretty!


Let’s create a variable to store this sexy URL.

The next step is to add a Build String workflow action before the update item. This will allow me to make the URL super sexy… or at least better than a nasty URL.

To configure the string I typed {Common:WorkflowLogUrl}, Workflow History then saved the result into a text variable called Sexy URL.

To finish off I updated my Update Item workflow action as seen below. A quick publish and the results speak for themselves!

Notice Workflow History now has some nice text as displayed below.

When you click the hyperlink the Workflow history for the item is then displayed.

I love this little trick, and how it can be used to make the user experience so much more enjoyable. Enjoy, and Pay it Forward my friends!