A Bit of Nintex Knowledge to Look Forward to Later in the Month

May has finally arrived. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the neighborhood puppies are outside romping, the neighborhood children are peddling lemonade, and there seems to always be a Jimmy Buffett song playing somewhere in the distance. But perhaps the most exciting thing about the arrival of May is that TekDog’s Getting Started with Nintex course is coming up in just a couple of short weeks!

Our Getting Started with Nintex course provides the fundamentals for working with Nintex Workflow 2010. It’s broken down into five 2-hour classes that span the entire week, so that you’re able to really learn and retain the information. In addition, we like to use real-life business cases to demonstrate the principles of Business Process Management. This sharpens the students’ critical thinking skills in relation to Nintex Workflow 2010 and allows them to solve realistic and relevant problems using the software. Businesspeople like you who have taken the class previously have had nothing but great things to say about the pace of the course and the level of knowledge that is attained by the end. Here’s what one person wrote about his experience with the class:

“Jason Keller, of TekDog Inc., presented this course on Nintex Workflows. He taught everything from the basics of workflows to some of the more intricate levels of workflow capabilities. His teaching style is very easy to follow, which makes learning this material very intuitive. I would definitely recommend this to other End Users/Information Workers to increase their knowledge of how to integrate Nintex with SharePoint. The product is very user-friendly, especially to those who don’t code on the regular basis.” – Mr. Brandon

The course will be held Monday, May 21st through Friday, May 25th. Each student will receive a copy of our Getting Started with Nintex courseware, which includes daily homework exercises to couple each session.