Nintex for Office 365 Course

The time has come for us to re-evaluate our Nintex for Office 365 course.  It’s been about 2 years since we recorded our original Nintex for Office 365 course.  During that time Office 365 as well as Nintex for Office 365 has changed considerably.  Although we are not necessarily fans of some of the SharePoint for Office 365 changes, change is change, and we’ll just have to deal with it!

We have been preparing for our recordings and approaching our new Nintex for Office 365 course with the intention of replicating our highly successful Nintex Complete on-premise course which we have been teaching instructor led and on-demand in its current form for over 2 years.  This approach means that our customers converting from on-premise SharePoint/Nintex will have a smooth transition to the Office 365 product which, although similar, in many ways, is an entirely unique product developed for Office 365.

Our new course will take into consideration the recent visual updates for Nintex for Office 365 as well as the many updates to SharePoint online, including modern lists.  New Nintex features like responsive forms will also be included in the new course.  The new course will be 100% hands-on and will be based on real business examples with the emphasis to the student on creating complete business solutions using SharePoint online, Nintex Forms, and Nintex Workflow.  The course is expected to be released as an on-demand course with an expected duration of 10-15 hours of content.  The new course will be sold as an individual course or included as part of our Nintex Complete training which includes over 45 hours of on-demand Nintex learning.  The course is expected to be released by March 1, 2018 and students currently enrolled in an annual subscription will receive access to the new course automatically when released. 

Stay tuned for additional updates!